Terms & conditions


You can choose how you would like to get to know one another: either we first discuss your concerns by phone, or we arrange a personal appointment to get to know each other in more detail. Thereby there is also the possibility to get an impression of the kind of healing treatment - that is up to you.

Just contact me and we will arrange a flexible appointment!

Weekend appointments are also possible.

Initial telephone consultation: free of charge (max. 20 min).

Personal initial consultation: 60 € (60 min).

Initial consultation & trial session: 110 € (ca. 2h)

Individual session healing treatment: 90 € (ca. 90 min)

Sound treatment with the body tambura: 60 €
The session usually lasts 60 minutes including conversation.

Treatment package: 5 treatments for 420 €

Vouchers: Of course there are also different options to give vouchers for healing treatments as a present - just contact me!

As a rule, the costs are not covered by public health insurance and must be paid by the client. If there is a supplementary insurance for non-medical practitioner services, it is possible that a part of the costs will be reimbursed. Please contact your health insurance company in advance regarding reimbursement. In any case, the fee has to be paid by you as the client and has to be paid in cash after each session.

The fee for sessions via video remains the same as in presence. The offer of treatments via video is particularly useful in terms of energetic support for acute illnesses. In this way, for example, the self-healing powers can be stimulated and the immune system strengthened.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel 24 hours in advance. Otherwise I ask for your understanding that I will charge the full fee.