Procedure of energetic healing treatments


Telephone orientation talk

In a free short preliminary telephone conversation we discuss your concerns and clarify general questions. Afterwards you can decide whether you would like to come for a detailed initial consultation and possibly try out a first energetic treatment.

The initial consultation

You will be given the space to tell me something about yourself and your wishes for change, about the problem that brings you to me. I will ask you some questions about your life history and current life situation, and what you may have already tried to address the problem. You can choose whether you would like to have just the preliminary talk or whether you would like to get an impression of the kind of work I do in a trial session right afterwards. Here you can develop a feeling for whether this kind of bioenergetic healing treatment is the right approach for you and whether you feel in good hands with me.

Start of treatment

After the initial consultation, I prepare energetic treatments based on the information about the situation and after assessing the problem at hand. After the first session you have already gained an impression of the work. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to take advantage of further treatments, make a follow-up appointment or let the experience sink in.
After each session, we will have a short follow-up talk to discuss your perceptions, impressions and how you are feeling. If necessary, we will also clarify how these are related to the processes in body, mind and soul.


How many sessions are necessary?

Observations in the work show that most people already experience changes after the first session Bioenergetic Healing, which they evaluate as positive for themselves and can recognize a clear increase in well-being, relaxation and life energy for themselves over time. Often they also have the impression of discovering and developing new potentials and qualities of consciousness within themselves.
The majority of the treated people can already feel concrete developments in the sense of the change wishes after the first session, a smaller part notices only subtle or no changes immediately. These people may decide to have further sessions if necessary, as bioenergetic work may need several sessions in some cases. I can usually give you an approximate estimate of how many sessions seem reasonable in terms of the desired changes.


I point out the following: I do not make diagnoses or promises of cures. The treatments do not replace a visit to a doctor or his medication. Ongoing conventional medical therapies should not be interrupted. The bioenergetic healing treatments can be used without any problems accompanying any other therapy.