About Me




Janina Moelle

Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

Body therapist

Resource-oriented trauma educator and consultant

Energy healer


 Stations & Qualifications

  •     Spiritual/Energy healer
  •     Recurring work with refugees on Lesbos for Earth Medicine
  •     Resource oriented trauma educator/counselor
  •     several years of work in outpatient assisted living with chronically 
        mentally ill people, focus on complex trauma and dissociative identity
  •     Collaboration with LARA - specialized center against sexualized
        violence against women
  •     Workshop leader for body-therapeutic offers
  •     Advanced training & therapist training "Working with trauma spirits
        and memory demons", shamanic healing in the Siberian tradition of
  •     Training as a hospice care taker for a Buddhist hospice service
  •     Since 2016 active with own body therapy practice
  •     Training in Energetic Body Psychotherapy, Therapist Training
  •     Practitioner Lomi Massage
  •     since 2015: non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy
  •     many years of experience in cultural work: dramaturgy, public
        relations, fundraising, for opera houses and music festivals
  •     Master of Arts in musicicology and theater studies


How I became who I am

As a musicigologist and having completed theatre studies, I first worked in the cultural area for many years after graduation, primarily at opera houses and music festivals. What fascinated me most about this world were the magical moments. Because in the best case, a magical, fleeting moment arises from the love, energy and indivdual being of all participants during the encounter with the audience at the performance, which touches and connects all present in the heart.

First of all, the reconnection with my body consciousness began with a phase of many years of intensive tango dancing and yoga practice, which taught me a very vivid and differentiated perception of the body and soul sensations. This led me to a training in energetic body psychotherapy, which allowed me to experience an intense process of transformation. More and more my life path was guided by my intuition and growing sensitive perception.

A deep longing for authentic, direct encounters on a level that our mind cannot grasp, for exploring in-between worlds, at the borders of the visible and the invisible, became apparent. In 2018, I began accompanying people in their dying process for a Buddhist hospice service. I experienced the accompaniment of these transitions into the spiritual world as something very natural, which let me experience moments of deep connection with a higher, universal power.

So I left the cultural world behind me for good and worked for several years at a Berlin-based organization that provides outpatient care for people with chronic mental illnesses. I worked primarily with women who suffered from complex trauma sequelae and predominantly had a dissociative identity structure (DIS). I was deeply impressed and touched by the abundance of resources these women had, who, despite having such sorrowful life stories, developed so much creativity, vibrancy, and diversity of ideas in the multifaceted pages of their inner selves to cope with life. In the context of this work, I have furthered my education as a trauma pedagogue and consultant, as well as on the topic of ritual violence. The work with traumatized refugees on Lesbos, to which I devote myself on a recurring basis, is now a matter close to my heart.

My own experiences with body therapy and bioenergetic healing have triggered a profound transformation process. The impulses helped me, in constant development, to penetrate piece by piece to my inner core, to uncover further potentials and to come close to my very essence.

Through this work, I became more and more aware of my personal shadow parts and they are gradually being integrated - I feel this is a great opportunity for personal growth. This process has led me to a wealth of positive life changes: more vitality and joy of life, more direct communication in my social relationships, deeply felt physical sensitivity and sensibility, an awake access to intuitive knowledge, release of repressed power and the courage to keep directing myself towards the awareness and realization of personal life meaning.

I would like to pass on some of this experience: learning to recognize the patterns that keep us stuck in difficult situations, gradually letting go of them, transforming them, and directing energy instead to consciously shaping relationships, situations, and life paths.

What lies before us and what lies behind us

are small matters compared to what lies within us.

And when we bring what is within out into the world,

miracles happen.

R. W. Emerson